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To request a Therapeutic Massage Session or Chiropractic appointment, email Dr. Waldo directly at info@hibchiro.com, or call (847) 888-3131.

Bre is back!  She will be performing 15 minute therapeutic massage sessions along with being Dr. Waldo’s Chiropractic Assistant.  

Ellen has been working side by side with me for 6 years and it will be strange without her.  Her new role will be as a Mommy and we hope to see her at some point down the road.  Thank you Ellen!

**Daily Therapeutic Massage Sessions**

As 1/25/2021 Dr. Waldo will no longer be offering the prototypical 1-Hour massages.  Instead we will be offering 15 minute therapeutic massage sessions all day long.  Whether using insurance or self-pay the average cost will be approximately $60 for this therapeutic session and an adjustment.

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