• Letter to Dr. Ferstl Patients

    Hello Dr. Ferstl Patients, My name is Dr. Steven Waldo and I operated my own practice for 10 years in South Elgin before joining with Acucare Total Health in 2015.  This is why you will see the names Health in Balance and Acucare interchangeably.  Acucare is our business center that allows us to run efficientlyRead more
  • Certified in McKenzie Therapy: MDT

    Dr. Waldo is excited to finally announce that he is certified in McKenzie Therapy:  Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT).  Dr. Waldo spent 3 years taking courses A-D and months preparing diligently for the grueling credentialing exam.  Dr. Waldo is now part of the 1% of chiropractors in the WORLD that have become fully credentialed inRead more
  • PSC Chiropractic Provider to the PGA TOUR

    Dr. Waldo is excited to announce he is now part of the staff at Professional Sports Care (PSC).  PSC provides all chiropractic services for the PGA TOUR since 1997 and founded by Dr. Tom LaFountain.  For the last year Dr. Waldo has been taking courses at the TPC Sawgrass to attain the skills, experience and understanding to

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  • Health In Balance is Moving to Elgin!

    Health In Balance is Moving to Elgin!

    Dear Patients and Friends, I am writing to inform you that Health in Balance Chiropractic is beginning an exciting new chapter. After much consideration, I have happily accepted a joint venture with AcuCare Total Health. We will be RELOCATING to their office and will be seeing patients beginning March 30th. We are still seeing patientsRead more
  • Headaches


    Tension type, migraine, menstrual, sinus, cluster, cervicogenic, and the list goes on. Headaches are an annoying occurence that many turn to Over The Counter meds to gain relief. These meds will most likely give you the relief you need but can lead to rebound headaches. The meds cause the blood vessels to dilate giving you

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  • Disc Herniation

    Disc Herniation

    Most people think that disc herniations only occur after some major injury or accident. This is not entirely true. Years of “microtrauma” can cause multiple tears in the disc causing the disc to fatigue and wear. Many times this progression is accompanied with back pain and stiffness, worse in the morning, and sitting for long

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  • Plantar Fasciitis

    Plantar Fasciitis

    Do you know anybody with Plantar Fasciitis (PF)? PF is a painful disorder that effects the bottoms of our feet mainly at the heel. Common symptoms are excruciating foot pain getting out of bed upon that first step, pain in the heel after sitting or working for a long period of time, and the pain decreases slightly upon warming up and walking around.

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  • Elbow Pain

    Elbow Pain

    The two most common soft tissue injuries to the elbow are medial and lateral epicondylitis, aka Golfers and Tennis Elbow respectively. Are these the only injuries to the elbow? No, but the majority of cases fall into these categories and that is why we will discuss them in this article. Both of these conditions can be acute or chronic in nature, resulting in a few weeks of pain or years of nagging frustration.

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