About Health in Balance

We will be upfront and honest and walk side by side with you to improve your health.


At Health in Balance, we have a “no pressure” attitude towards your journey in pain relief and a healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to provide affordable, dependable and effective care to ALL ages in need!  


Whether you require critical care or wellness guidance, our office will provide you with excellent and efficient care with the most financially effective option possible. 


Dr. Waldo does not follow the high-volume Chiropractic Model. Our approach is individual and thorough. Everyone is different, and we will devise a game plan for both in-office therapy and home exercises to get you out of pain quickly and prevent future episodes. 


At Health in Balance, we want to help you achieve your goals and Make Life More Comfortable. A well-designed Game Plan will provide your body the strength it needs to fight and prevent injury, disease (Dis-EASE) and stress, as well as enhance performance in your sport and workout routines. 


We encourage consistent Chiropractic Care and essential nutrients so your body can function at its BEST.

Your First Visit

Before your first visit, you will receive a welcome email with a link to complete all necessary forms online.

The initial exam and treatment will usually take about 30-40 minutes, where Dr. Waldo will provide a detailed health history, physical exam and provide therapy.

If X-rays or MRI are necessary, we will refer you to a local facility.

Chiropractic Care

One of the most often asked questions is, “how many times should I be adjusted?” Our recommended Chiropractic Treatment Plans vary depending on your severity and personal goal. 


A pivotal key to overall health is mobility. Mobility is one of our main focuses at Health in Balance. Regular Chiropractic adjustments provide targeted movement and mobility to spinal joints, thus helping us to move better and also better our nervous system. Optimal mobility is done through adjustments, McKenzie Therapy, watching posture, and maintaining an exercise plan that is right for you.


Roughly two weeks after an adjustment, our spinal joints start stiffening and creating adhesions, reducing movement. Sustained immobility, such as sitting at a desk daily and not getting enough exercise/stretching, sets the stage for pain, injury, stiffness/arthritis. Receiving periodic Chiropractic Adjustments and doing your at-home therapy in-between visits allows you to keep mobile. Patients are unique in their needs and are treated as such with a thorough evaluation.

A General Guideline for Care

Injury Based

New or Recent Injury that is mild to moderate: 4-6 Visits

New or Recent Injury that is moderate to extreme: 10-15 visits

Chronic Injury that has been present for months or years: 

6-10 Visits

Chronic pain: 10+ Visits

With these visits, you will learn home exercises and movements to help you treat yourself and recover quicker.

Wellness Model

Adults: 1-2/month, approximately every 3 weeks

Teenagers: 1/month, roughly every 4-6 weeks

Today’s students carry heavier backpacks and experience sustained poor posture from prolonged time on devices.

Chiropractic visits help educate them on posture, promote wellness and create a healthy outlook!

During heavy athletic seasons or stressful times, 1-2/month

12 and under: Once every two months

Young kids are incredibly resilient and respond significantly to adjustments.

Schedule sooner if experiencing symptoms.

Adjustments help recovery from falls, trampolines, etc. but also benefit the growing nervous system and spinal health.

When young kids focus on their health, they choose healthier options daily.

If your goal is to prevent pain, increase energy, improve sleep, improve your health and enhance your sport/exercise goals, we have a Game Plan for you. Routine maintenance and care for your body are critical to your overall health. Joint mobility, muscle and ligament tone, inflammation, immune system health and nerve function are all profoundly affected by regular attention from a chiropractic adjustment.


Dr. Steven J. Waldo,

Certified McKenzie Therapist
PSC/PGA Chiropractic Provider
Dr. Waldo grew up in the small town of Island Lake and went to Wauconda High School. He was a shy kid that absolutely loved baseball and was able to compete at the collegiate level at Trinity International University. At Trinity, he was the recipient of The National Major of the Year award from NASPE, and captain of the baseball team. He even was invited to Major League scouting events, but his professional dreams fell short. He had the privilege of performing his internship at the Berto Center with the Chicago Bulls in the area of exercise science.
Dr. Waldo, his lovely bride Katie and their three daughters have lived in Elgin since 2005. One of my most asked questions by patients is “what do you do on Tuesdays & Thursdays when you’re off?” This is when I make time to be with my family, find work/life balance, and play golf.
Education & Career Highlights
  • Graduated from the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL and has been serving the Elgin area as a Chiropractor since 2005.
  • In early 2009 he began his two-year studies in Orthopedics and then earned his Diplomat from the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedics (DACO)
  • Certified McKenzie Therapist since 2017. Only 1% of chiropractors are fully credentialed in McKenzie therapy: Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (Cert. MDT)
  • Part of the Professional Sports Care (PSC) Team. PSC utilizes chiropractic physicians throughout the United States to provide services at all 49 PGA Tour Events, 27 Champions Tour Events and the Korn Ferry Tour.
  • Member of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), Illinois Chiropractic Society, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
  • From 1999-2002 worked as a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a USA Weightlifting Club Coach. Dr. Waldo was a speed and agility trainer for athletes as well as a personal trainer.