Sports Massage

Health in Balance offers Chiropractic , Laser Therapy , and Massage Therapy for all your health care needs. Therapeutic Massage is a powerful ally to attain a healthy lifestyle. The emotional balance massage provides can be just as vital and valuable as the more tangible physical benefits usually sought. As an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs and medical facilities, massage therapy has proven to provide benefits for many conditions, including low back and neck pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immune system function, infertility, depression, and many many more.

Dr. Waldo works hand in hand with you and the therapists in order to provide the most optimum care. This does not mean you are required to receive adjustments and/or laser therapy in order to benefit from massage. Dr. Waldo will meet with you briefly now and then in order to assess your musculoskeletal system to help find out the best course of treatment regarding soft tissue techniques.

Why choose focused Therapeutic Massage?

  • You will be in a professional environment focused on you and your problem areas.
  • We can integrate many other forms of care for all your healthcare needs.
  • Through our focused therapeutic massage sessions even same day appointments are available instead of waiting days or a week for an opening.

Price for the 10-15 minute massage is $20.00 and some insurances may cover it depending on your policy. HSA/FLEX cards are also welcomed per your policy guidelines. If you are in need we also offer our Thor Laser application to your symptomatic areas. As a NEW patient, in order to receive a massage from one of our therapists you will need to see Dr. Waldo for a brief exam and consultation. This is required in order to provide the accurate care you need and to be sure there are no contraindications. This one time initial exam fee is approximately $50-$70.

Request an Appointment

To request a Massage or Chiropractic appointment,  email Dr. Waldo directly or call (847) 888-3131.  Currently we offer focused or therapeutic massage therapy to your symptomatic areas.  We do not offer extended or typical salon style massages.