Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy


Cold Laser for Tissue Healing, Inflammation & Pain Relief

In order to understand how Laser works I am going to take the time to fully explain the history, physics, and its benefits. First off let’s explain the history of Laser therapy:

Niels Ryberg Finsen won a Nobel price in 1903 for his work on phototherapy regarding lupus when he found that certain levels of concentrated chemical rays from the sun could create beneficial effects.

  • 1916 – Einstein first proposed the phenomenon of stimulated emission (from light)
  • 1960 – Theodore Maiman built the first working laser
  • 1967 – Professor Mester discovers that the working laser could create biostimulation, aka create therapeutic qualities
  • 1983 – UK physiotherapists first use low level power lasers for sports injuries with positive results
  • 1988 – Guys Hospital in London began performing eye opening fact producing research on how laser therapy works
  • 1998 – NASA conducts LED (light emitting diodes) therapy wound healing studies for astronauts
  • 1999 – US Military begins nerve regeneration research with THOR lasers (the ones we use at Health in Balance)
  • 2003 – THOR lasers achieve FDA clearance
  • 2005 – US Military attains positive effects in spinal cord regeneration via laser therapy
  • 2006-2009 – Laser Therapy attains published articles in prestigious journals like Lancet, Pain, Nature, Bone & Joint Task Force, and more

All of this to say that Laser Therapy has been used on humans since 1983 proving that it is incredibly safe with no known side effects, non-invasive, non-toxic, easily applied, remarkable results, and used by our best scientists. In science most everything takes 40 years to reach world wide acceptance and 1967 was truly the kick off. Obviously it is not a fad, like cell phones in 1999 that were scoffed at, Laser therapy will be an everyday service soon.

“Photobiomodulation” utilizes a specific amount of power, a certain parameter of wavelength, at a precise time in order to provide the desired results. Those results being:

  • Tissue Repair: Improved speed and quality of regeneration of skin, muscle, tendon, ligament, bone and neural tissue. By utilizing light at a certain wavelength we can stimulate tissue to HEAL itself.
  • Inflammation: Resolution of inflammation at least equal to NSAIDS (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) but without the side effects.
  • Analgesia: By blocking the pathways of pain via the spinal nerves and producing endorphins, dopamine and other feel good chemicals.

A gentle beam of laser light can stimulate cells to repair tissues, reduce inflammation and inhibit pain fibers to reduce pain. The application of specific wavelengths of red or near infrared laser or LED light on acute injuries and degenerative conditions at the correct anatomical location for the right amount of time relieves pain and improves healing. Picture a one hill roller coaster. A lower powered laser is required in order to “stay” in the range of the uphill slope in order to achieve a response of tissue repair or to heal. A stronger powered laser is utilized in order to go past the uphill slope into the downhill slope in order to achieve the response of pain relief and release trigger points.

Laser therapy can be used for just about every situation, for the young and the old alike. Acute or chronic pain, neck and back pain, joint pain, sports injuries, tendonitis or tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel or pinched nerves, arthritis, sinus issues, lymphatic drainage, open wounds, diabetic ulcers, post surgical areas, and MORE. Laser therapy is even utilized for smoking cessation and beauty treatments.

Treatment only takes about 5-15 minutes, normally takes anywhere from 3-15 sessions, and results tend to be long lasting. Some patients will not need to return for additional treatments; however chronic conditions may have to return for “maintenance” dosages when stiffness returns. Patient’s typically experience improvement immediately after the first visit; usually, require 2-3 visits per week the first 2 weeks and then depends on response and condition from there. The cost is $40-60 per session, as always, we have no contracts, no gimmicks, just quality healthcare. Laser therapy is one adjunct of treatment we utilize to help the whole individual.

For more information, photos and treatment videos you can also visit our manufacturer’s website at www.thorlaser.com.

Is Laser Therapy Safe?

Our Laser is completely safe and FDA approved as a non-significant risk medical device. Light therapy has been used for over 30 years without any known negative side effects.

Does Laser Therapy really help for quitting smoking?

Laser Therapy is extremely effective when combined with the will to quit. The effects of Laser Therapy helps with your physical symptoms, the anxiousness, the physical urges, etc. You are still in command of your mental urges. You have been smoking for years or perhaps centuries. This has left you with habit after habit that you will have to overcome. Compared to all other methods of quitting our Health in Balance (Valor Thor) Laser is nearly 4 times as effective.

The therapy is shown to be effective with 1 or 2 sessions. The average individual will utilize 3-5 sessions. The first 2-3 will be within the first 2 weeks to help with the initial stages of quitting. The following 2-3 will be used in the coming months with any urges that may come about. The therapy is completely safe and can be utilized as often as needed. We need a sense of involvement, rules, and boundaries. Remember to create a structured plan, one that can help you to achieve your goal faster and more effective.  Call or email to inquire about current pricing which will be approximately $80/visit.