“Arthritis of the bones” is what the words break down to. Years of hard work, poor posture, repetitive stress, and inflammation can and usually will lead to the body finding a way to stabilize itself. It does this by laying excessive bone causing degenerative changesand leads to loss of cartilage. Common places are the knees, hips, low back, and spine. Osteoarthritis sufferers describe their pain as chronic, stiff, achy, and nagging. The pain is due to the loss of cushioning from the cartilage, the increase bony spurs, and inflammation. Therefore, the treatment is to increase the cushion, decrease the bony spurs, and decrease the inflammation. Supplements such as Glucosamine Sulfate, Vitamin C, EPA/DHA, and others can lead to healthy collagen synthesis and promote healthy synovial fluid levels to enhance joint lubrication and mobility. Decreasing inflammation can be done through our very effective Laser Therapy, Graston, Rehab, ice, analgesics such as Zeel, Traumeel and/or Medic Ice. It is impossible to decrease bony spurs without surgery, therefore the next goal is to limit increased growth of bony spurs and also to further halt the loss of cartilage. This can be done by losing weight (if necessary), watching your nutritional intake, and analyzing your biomechanics at work and play.

Dr. Waldo,
I have been suffering from knee pain for the past 20ish years due to my job in carpentry. I had learned to live with it for years until recently I could not even drive home due to the aggravation of moving my leg from pedal to pedal. I had to pull over to walk it out and that is why I decided to seek help. I was in 9/10 pain and after one Laser Treatment I had no pain. I still cannot fathom the thought of being pain free. Please give any patient my phone number for a testimonial. (available upon request)

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