Letter to Dr. Ferstl Patients

Hello Dr. Ferstl Patients,

My name is Dr. Steven Waldo and I operated my own practice for 10 years in South Elgin before joining with Acucare Total Health in 2015.  This is why you will see the names Health in Balance and Acucare interchangeably.  Acucare is our business center that allows us to run efficiently by taking care of all the administrative needs.

Like Dr. Ferstl my predominant method of care is the chiropractic adjustment.  Our adjustment techniques are very similar and our approach to overall care is almost identical.  Whether it is one visit or six we will work together for the treatment you require.  As a McKenzie (MDT) Certified specialist I can also offer therapies and exercises for those in need of more than an adjustment.  I accept almost all insurances and my self-pay rates are similar to Dr. Ferstl’s.  Ellen and Bre are massage therapists that work directly with me and the cost for an hour massage therapy session is $65.

Acucare is only a few minutes down the road from Dr. Ferstl’s office.  We have a beautiful 6000 sq/ft office located on the 3rd floor with a very friendly staff.  When calling for your first appointment advise the receptionist you are a Dr. Ferstl patient looking to set up with Dr. Waldo.  Keep in mind that everyone is a new patient and will initially require a longer appointment to better understand your needs.

I look forward to meeting you and continuing your healthcare needs!   Here is our new patient form to save on time from filling it out at the office:   Acucare 2020 New Patient

Steven J. Waldo, DC, DACO, Cert. MDT
PSC/PGA Chiropractic Provider

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